Crowd Pleaser

Thanks for sharing, now back to me….


Stage Werx PSI Show on August 21st, 2012

David B.:  Xyz ….

Stephanie Y. : You were totally hilarious and entertaining last night- so glad we were able to see you perform!

Your Mother: You were awsome tonight. Can’t wait to see you again. On stage.

Teresa R. Great job last night…you killed it!!

Emily A. Thanks for the ab workout, little sore today!

Jane C. Rachel, you were *awesome*!! I have no doubt we’re going to be watching you on Comedy Central some day. Bonus to meet your parents. Btw, your Dad’s response to accuracy of the golf story: “Well, we were on a different part of the golf course than she said…” Priceless.

Sonia R. Fantastic show!! I was ROFLMAO!

Heather R. You are a truly gifted entertainer!

Your Dog:  Agreed, talented comedian!

Patty B. You were AWESOME! So glad we got to see you. When’s the next show???

Amanda P. Rachel gill is hilarious!!!

Kary M. And AMAZING!!!

My mother:  She was awsome.

someone who thinks I am handicapped:   Well she didn’t just break a leg she broke two.

Someone with a disease:  Hi sugar. I am layed out with hives. Im sorry to miss your show. :(

Bruce Pachtman says about Previously Secret Information, Aug. at Stage Werx tomorrow night !
” I’ve been monitoring sales very closely and there are only a handful of tickets left. Recently, many people have chosen to buy tickets at the door. That’s the kind of gamble that is not likely to pay off this time. “