Crowd Pleaser

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Wanna know how to get your audience to spit beer out their nose?

Talk about Gay Dogs !  

Burning Man and Dolores Park

Living the dream...Oh Really?

What do guilty people do ? RUN !!!!!!  

Big Smile

This video was on America’s Funniest Video’s 

March 18th, 2012 


Wanna know what its like to live in the Castro

One of these things is NOT like the others Yeah... Sure


How Golf can really bring Fathers and Daughters Together…

Did you know that Rachel Gill gives Lesbian Dating Advice?

How to get a Lesbian to date you…


Why are children No Fun To Walk?   Big Boss  

Rachel Gill explains why no one asks her to babysit…

Feeling Blue?  Did you know Rachel Gill is a Motivational Speaker?

Try doing this the next time you don’t feel “like a good person”....Hell Boy


What happens when mix scented lotion, golfing, and an ex-marine named, Earl?  

You get the story “Golf-A Pain in the Ass“.  Ahh!

Although the entire story is awesome, here are the most awesome parts of the story !!


PSIPreviously Secret InformationShow on August 19th, 2012.

I tell the story of what I actually went through, to get on stage at this Show.

Joe Klocek created and headlined the PSI Show.

PSI is monthly Storytelling show at Stage Werx in San Francisco, Ca.
I performed along with Tom Smith (Comedian) and CeCe Woo (Storyteller)


Tongue Out