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Previously Secret Information

Hey!  My name is in Lights!!!

Or on the side of an A-frame, on a word doc, hopefully NOT getting pee’d on by the homeless on Valencia…

— at Stage Werx.

Previously Secret Information

Rachel Gill

“Golf, A Pain in the Ass”

A hot golf course, scented lotion, and a salty ex-Marine who got more than he bargained for.

Joe Klocek Says:

If you missed last months show then you missed something special. Joe told his story via Skype from a Kinko’s in Colorado Springs, CO. As a small and bemussed crowd stood around staring at the man saying outrageous things about their town, back home in San Francisco, the crowd inside Stage Werx laughed hysterically at his essay on the life of a comic touring America. Projected onto a theatre size screen, like the the Wizard of Oz above Dorothy, Joe told his story in real time while interacting with both audiences.

Tom Smith “Santa, for Fun and Profit”
Once upon a time, in a galaxy far, far away, for rent money Tom spent a whole day as Santa Clause. Find out how one 12 hour shift as a minor Christian saint can change your life. Learn about the grueling selection process, the three essential rules of Santanity, how fat and iconic is the new sexy, and much more.<

CiCi Woo “Finding Love”
A hospital. A rabbi. An unsuspecting couple. A wedding. A funeral. A most unfortunate combination.



Kama Sutra for Beginners

In Honor of HUMP DAY…

Found these two in the Marina today !

It’s either been a VERY LONG time for the both of them,

or they were trying out some new positions on ‘the Green’ today.

And Just like AD LIBS, the third slide lets you insert your OWN commentary in “comments”.  


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Marina Green Lovin, Blog






What came first The Lesbian or the Shoe ?

On my recent trip to Calistoga I couldn’t help noticing the surprising amount of lesbians that trolled the streets. Tucking their Subaru keys into their Khaki cargo shorts and fumbling for one dollar bills while entering the Antique stores.

I felt like ‘my people’ had arrived, and yet couldn’t help wondering WHY Calistoga brings Lesbians from every where to wander the streets and stare at one another.

Then I found this store. It was like Lilith herself had parted the clouds and shined down upon this Lesbian Shoe Mecca.

As I perused the isles of clogs, crocks, and crap-o-la I realized that this very store might just be the reason Lesbians flock to Calistoga. Maybe word got out around the last Xena Princess Warrior Fan Club Committee Meeting and they are ALL here for THESE shoes !!!!

Or ! Did this retailer also notice the large amount of U-hauls parked around the parameter of Calistoga and think “hmmmm, these women may need shoes to fit their lifestyle !”. Either way, I think you will agree…Calistoga, Lesbians, and shoes go hand and foot ! Enjoy Lesbians, you have found the “sensible shoes” of our people !