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Wasting time between Queens and Cocktails by reviewing my own life  in San Francisco for the greater good of mankind.  

Rachel Gill is a comedian in San Francisco. Lives in Castro, and while wasting time between queens and cocktails she spreads sarcasm through stand up comedy, and storytelling.

Shit Just Got Real (Mexican)

She honed her comedy skills growing up as a chubby, hairy, acne clad young lass – she has since developed into a skinny bitch who will make you laugh till you publicly urinate.




Rachel Gill got her comedy start at the San Francisco Comedy College, where 10’s of people got drunk beforehand and paid very little money to see her ‘stand up comedy’.


She then moved on to ‘StageWerx‘ “Previously Secret Information” show where 20’s of people got less drunk and paid a bit more to see her tell the story of “Golf-A Pain in the Ass“.

Previously Secret Information




#hellafunny show at The Purple Onion has been her biggest success so far proving that making fun of children and drug abuse works Everytime !

Between gigs she goes to ‘Brainwash’ to try out new material on the SOMA crowd. This is greeted with blank stares and confusion, but the beers are super cheap and very large so you will find her there most Thursday nights at Open Mic.

Rachel Gill is currently featured on check out her Dogs vs. Kids 5 minute stand up !!

#hellafunny show will overtake StageWerx for Stand Up comedy hosted by “Stroy Moyd” !! 

About Me:

I live in San Francisco,  have a dog named Bentley, and I like beer.




Favorite Quotes

  • “If they can make penicillin out of moldy bread they can sure make something out of you !”
  • “Fo’ Shizzle”
  • “Ladies first. Pretty ladies sooner”
  • “I think crime pays. The hours are good, you travel a lot”
  • “Everyone has a photographic memory… some just don’t have film”